Throughout history Amethyst has been a favorite gemstone for many kings and queens due to its rich purple color. Amethyst is found in the British Crown Jewels, and was also Catherine the Great's favorite gem. The Ancient Egyptian royalty also were known to wear Amethyst. Many famous thinkers, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, believed that Amethyst could help people's learning ability and expend evil thoughts. On the Mos Hardness Scale, it is a 7. Amethyst is the official birthstone for February. Learn more about Amethyst from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Febuary birthstone Genuine Amethyst Jewelry Amethyst Jewelry Genuine Amethyst Box Sets Purple Gemstone What is January Birthstone Amethyst Jewellry Silver Amethyst Jewelry 14Karat Amethyst Jewelry 14kt Amethyst Jewelry Silver Amethyst Silver Amethyst Jewelry Platinum Amethyst Jewelry